The process starts with an initial consultation to assess the project and to discuss your needs and likes. You will then receive a brief and a quote for the design fee.

garden design

For a complete garden-overhaul, we offer a thorough design package. This involves a site survey, a presentation and a layout plan.

Site Survey.

We are able to provide surveys for smaller, straightforward sites; for larger or more complex sites, a professional surveyor should be contacted.

Presentation Plan

You will receive a presentation based on the results of the briefing. This will comprise options for you to consider, which may include sketches illustrating the potential use of the space and images of plants, materials and other features which could be incorporated within it.

Layout Plan

Once you have decided how you would like your garden to look, you will receive a detailed and scaled Layout Plan giving the information necessary for a contractor to provide a quote and to build the space. Construction drawing of individual features and 3D CAD visualisations can be produced if required.

Project Monitoring

To ensure the project is executed as intended, we can monitor the progress of the garden.

planting design

Planning the planting of a garden can be overwhelming and intimidating; it is easy to choose the wrong plants, which can be costly and disappointing. We can make this process much easier, by guiding you through all the stages of the planting, from suggesting plants that suit the concept and would thrive in the conditions of your garden to creating a planting plan, showing the location and spacing of both new and existing plants, preparing an accompanying schedule, listing the plant names, sizes, quantities and cost, and constructing a detailed maintenance plan.

garden styling

Working with what clients already have, this service is to rejuvenate existing borders, create new beds and deal with any problem areas or container displays. It is the ideal means to spruce-up outdoor spaces with minimal disruption.

Garden Maintenance

To ensure that the garden looks good throughout the year and as it matures, we offer regular maintenance visits. It is a good idea to arrange for a visit three to four times a year to keep planting in shape and to deal with weeds, pests or diseases before they become a problem. Please contact us to discuss a schedule that would work for you.

seasons garden design

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