Seasons Garden Design was formed in 2008 by Henrik Knudsen, who began gardening almost twenty-five years ago. Henrik started the London-based business after deciding that he wanted his working life to be informed by his passion for outdoor design and aesthetics.

The beginning

Henrik was born and raised in Denmark. At a young age he developed an interest in design and aesthetics which would lead him to train as a hairdresser, and in 1985 he moved to London to work for Vidal Sassoon. Throughout the 90s he was Art Director at their London school and academy, a venue that attracted hairdressers from around the world in search of inspiration.

The transition

Always passionate about the evolution of artistic ideas into reality, Henrik decided to retrain as a garden designer in 2005. He studied at Capel Manor College in Middlesex and received his Diploma in 2008.

The here and now

Henrik’s background has given him a firm grounding in design and a real understanding how important a thorough consultation is to a project’s success. Your needs are always at the core of any project he undertakes, and the process of establishing a solution that works for you and your space is exciting and creatively stimulating to him.

Henrik Knudsen

/Garden Designer


tel. 07726797001